Where am I

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So what have I been up to and where have I been?  Well to answer in a simple form I have just been B.U.S.Y!

Moving to Johannesburg is proving to be a little more difficult than I thought it would be one has to always be able to handle change in your direction when it’s presented.

I have finally finished everything for my new car and it has arrived but I can only get it on Tuesday (sigh), for the first two weeks when I knew I was going to get my car I couldn’t sleep and was excited now well I just want it all over and done with, you know that feeling when something has just dragged on to long and not its time to just get the freeken thing sorted, well even though I still look forward to my new car its just taking to long now and the excitement has gone. Maybe the flame will be reignited when I get the car.

There is a general complaint I have (and I am not one to complain) why is it when you go to a bank to ask for a large amount of money they are more than willing to help you with no problem, when you go and ask for a small amount no one wants to help you and those that will help you will help you at +4% on Prime interest rate. That just irritates me, sure help the people that want to get into unbelievable debt but don’t help the poor sods that just don’t have that last little bit and need it! Agrr banks.

I have also been sorting out all the little peripheral things that you always forget about like gym memberships etc and they make it difficult to cancel I tell you!

I can see Ilze is starting to take some strain knowing I will be going for while and I tell you I am sad to go from CPT but life’s challenges present itself and this is a great challenge, something I have worked for and now achieved. I will have a great boss and I will be doing what I love which is worth the move. I will miss my family, my wacko brother my parents and the dog of my life 😛 she is my second girlfriend see a picture here of this little angel. She has this thing to make me smile and for get all my worries 🙂

You all have a wonderful day! C