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Well I have been at Microsoft for just over a week now and my impressions and expiations where met to the tee.

When I joined I knew I was going to do major overtime and that has become a reality even though my wonderful boss (she is such a babe) always preachers to me about work life balance, and at the moment its all work and not life.

The reason being is that I have a really important role in one of the big projects running right now and I have a responsibility that I have to fulfill.

One thing right from the beginning I found out at Microsoft is that treat you like adults, if you want a project you are given it and you have to run with it. You are then required to complete the project and you have the total responsibility. There is no one over your shoulder looking all the time at what you doing, you have deliverables you must just get them done and keep the client happy at all times.

Having said that I AM LOVING what I am doing, it’s exactly what I wanted to do, work with people work on big projects and most importantly interact and learn from my peers and customers. I have made a point to learn something new EVERY DAY it keeps me going.

The Erwee’s are awesome people they really are , they have been housing me now for the time I have been here and the support as friends and work colleges is just phenomenal. Tina and Evan you guys rock I really owe you big time!

As for my good buddy Musa, he has some exiting times coming up for him and I am really interested to see how he is going to fair. I don’t doubt him at all and I hope he makes it through everything!

I have put so much mileage on my car’s clock. But I have saved myself from buying an expensive GPS, I have something better its called a callWong. A good friend of mine Brendon Wong (probably one of the most UNDERRATED Exchange gurus of all time) I my call to help when I get lost and even though he does not give the best directions I just want to say thank you Brendon I really appreciate everything you and Debbie do for me it’s because of people like you that I really enjoy my stay here so far!

My family has been really supportive to more than I expected which is interesting, my relationship with my parents and siblings has been much better than when I was actually there, it takes one more worry off my shoulders.

I still miss my dog she was really the sunshine in my life and maybe one day I can persuade my mom to give me the little rat 🙂

Then it comes to the most incredible woman in the world, the woman that makes me who I am and the woman that makes waking up in the morning not such bad thing. Ilze my darling you are the most incredibly perfect creature God has created, you make me smile when I don’t want to and you make me feel confident and relaxed. I know it’s tough times for both of us and our relationship but you are really handling this so well. I love you with everything that I have (you till can’t drive my car though 😉 **Private joke) and you make it possible for me to be who I am. The support that you give me really makes the move feel like I did the right thing, it’s not easy being 24, moving out into the big bad world starting at Microsoft, in a new BIG CITY, with a new car, new job, new friends, new life and soon new house, but you have given me the support and love that I need, I will make it up to you somehow I promise.

Well its late (1am) and I have a crap load of work to get through before I can sleep, Tina and I are sitting around the table working right now and it really helps working in pairs cause we keep talking to each other keeping each other working and AWAKE!

You all have a wonderful day and thank you for the time you take to read this.