Longhorn April CTP on MSDN

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When I checked into my MSDN subscription this morning I found a nice little download called "Windows Server Longhorn Standard Beta 3 Escrow". Despite its appearance this is the April 2007 Community Technology Preview (CTP)Robert McLaws already predicted last week this download would be available this week.



The download is available for the three major flavors processors. Files to download are:

  •  Windows Server Longhorn Standard Beta 3 Escrow (IA64) – DVD (English)
  •  Windows Server Longhorn Standard Beta 3 Escrow (x64) – DVD (English)
  •  Windows Server Longhorn Standard Beta 3 Escrow (x86) – DVD (English)



Along with the Operating System files Microsoft also made the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) and Windows Driver Kit (WDK) for Windows Server Longhorn Beta 3 Escrow available to MSDN subscribers.

Feature Richness

Since Beta 3 for Windows Server codename "Longhorn" is rumored to be the first feature-rich version of Windows Server codename "Longhorn" I started the download almost immediately…



This download could mean you don't hear for me in a while. I've been craving for Powershell in Windows Server codename "Longhorn" and look forward to using a Server Core installation as an Active Directory Domain Controller…

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Author: Sander Berkouwer

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