"Windows could not finish configuring the system"…. Argh! *update*

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So, yesterday I started deploying Windows 7 on my laptop. But just as I finished posting yesterday, I ran into some problems. Well, big problem actually.

I made a capture of my laptop after a clean deployment. I added several programs dear to me, like iTunes, Firefox, some plugins and codecs. Because I was lazy, I had kept my data partition on the harddrive, but it didn't give any problems. I finished configuring just before adding Office and sealed it:

sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /shutdown

Then made a capture and imported it on my WDS server.

Everything okay, so I rebooted my laptop.  And then…. well the following quote sums up my internal process during this Windows 7 deployment excorcise: "Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming"

The following errorbox appears:

Windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume configuration restart computer

No matter what I did, it stayed. Removed volumes, made new, formated them, even completly deleted all partitions… no luck.

Even the following forumtopics didn't help me:

There are more, but they all basicly point to those two topics.

I do have to check this one:

My working theory is that I shouldn't have had the extra data partition when capturing it, so that is my next move after I checked above post. But if anyone had a good idea, let me know!

ps.: the problem also is present when deploying it to a VMWare machine


* Update 17 august 2009 *

Well, after installing Windows 7 manually and capturing it with no extra partition and without some programs (Truecrypt for instance), the deployment with WDS now works without problems. Currently I'm making and testing an answerfile for unattended installations. w00t!