Windows 8 Consumer Preview Install Screenshots

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’ve installed some screenshots of the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It was installed on VirtualBox with an 32 bit ISO. I forgot to make a screenshot were you configure the install disk, but that’s basically the same as Windows 7.

Download your ISO’s here. Also Windows Server 8 Beta also became available here.

And now for some screenshots!


Fishy! Remember this?


And here I forgot the drive configuration screenshot. But it’s basically the same as in Windows 7.

Win8CP_2Win8CP_0b_getting system ready

First boot.


Yep, cloud integrated Smile


This was auto filled, probably from my Live ID. I also receive an SMS on my mobile phone to confirm or change these extra security settings via With this you add this computer as an trusted PC.


The Start Screen!


The desktop.