Pictures of the Microsoft Community event at Microsoft Hrvatska in Zagreb

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The Croatian IT Pro User Group asked me to present a 75-minute session on the ‘Ten most common Mistakes with AD FS and Hybrid Identity’ at Microsoft Hrvatska in Zagreb yesterday.

This event was shared with the Croatian IT Pros on the Microsoft Community website, and 56 people decided to sign up for the meeting, even though I presented the session in English (Until recently, English wasn’t taught in schools, in favor of German and Russian) and the session date didn’t fall in the regular schedule for the IT Pro User group. (Normally, they meet every first Tuesday of the month.)

Microsoft Hrvatska in Zagreb (click for larger photo)

We were early at Microsoft Hrvatska to avoid rush hour and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee downstairs, before we went to the 6th floor that Microsoft rents in the building.

We went upstairs to prepare and people started pouring in. At around 5:35PM, Romeo Mlinar provided a short introduction in Croatian. After that I presented up to 7:05PM.

Titel Slide (click for larger photo)Making fun of Romeo's Windows Phone (click for larger photo)Presenting while walking (click for original photo by Romeo Mlinar)
The audience for last night (click for larger photo by Romeo Mlinar)NTLM Brrrr... (click for larger photo, by Goran Zarinac)

As a group, we enjoyed pizza after the session and then went to the other side of the street to Caffe Eter to enjoy a beer. I had some good conversations and the general feedback I got was that it was a good session.

 A Dutch Guy enjoying a German Beer in Croatia (click for larger photo)

Cheers! Glimlach 


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Author: Sander Berkouwer

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