Pictures from IT Community User Group Križevci, January 2023

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Last month I presented at the IT Community User Group in Križevci, Croatia.

About Križevci and its IT Community User Group

Križevci is a small city located Northeast of Zagreb. If you're going by car, you need less than an hour to get there (of course, if your start your ride in Zagreb 😁).

My host was Goran Žarinac. He is responsible for the organization of this event and everything in regards to IT Community User Group Križevci. We're friends now, but only a few years ago I did not know him. The first time we met was in Zagreb while we attended another conference. We quickly realized we had a lot in common, so there was bound to be some collaboration in the future. Well, COVID happened and our collaboration was delayed.

How it came to be…

Last year we met again while we both attended Kulendayz (yep, with "z" 😁) conference where we finally agreed about the content I would present. It had to be identity/security related, because those two topics are of most interest to me. At the end of our conversation, we settled for Implementing AD Tiering Model in 60 minutes as the title.


The pictures from the session are bellow. Unfortunately, this time I don't have any pre/post session pictures to share, but I promise I'll take some next time.

Thank you!

I'd like to thank Goran Žarinac for inviting me and of course, to all the people that came to this session. I hope I'll present there soon with another interesting topic.

P.S. The chocolate I got as the speaker present was great! 😉 Once again, thank you!