Join me for a webinar on SaaS app security posture management

On Wednesday, Jule 10th, 2024, join me to understand the 'red flags,' the most significant risks, and challenges companies face and unlock the secrets of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Security Posture Management. We dive deep into the threats and startling discoveries uncovered in the data over the past 265 days using the ENow App Governance Accelerator tool. … Continue reading "Join me for a webinar on SaaS app security posture management"

Eighteen years of Things better left unspoken

Today marks the 18th anniversary of the first blog post on this blog, titled The Things That Are Better Left Unspoken. Fifteen years ago, in June, 2006, I posted the first blog post here. Since June 23, 2006, this blog has featured 1,743 more blogposts, 1,435 comments and draws the attention of over 20,000 pairs of eyeballs … Continue reading "Eighteen years of Things better left unspoken"

What's New in Entra ID for May 2024

Entra ID, previously known as Azure AD is Microsoft's Identity Management-as-a-Service solution, offering seamless access, easy collaboration, efficiency in IT processes and improved security and compliance. In its Release Notes for Entra ID, through the Microsoft 365 Message Center, The What's New hub in the Entra Portal and Build's Book of News, Microsoft communicated the following … Continue reading "What's New in Entra ID for May 2024"

On-premises Identity-related updates and fixes for May 2024

Even though Microsoft’s Identity focus moves towards the cloud, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022 still receive updates to improve the experiences and security of Microsoft’s on-premises powerhouses. This is the list of Identity-related updates and fixes we saw for May 2024:   Windows Server 2016 We observed the following update … Continue reading "On-premises Identity-related updates and fixes for May 2024"