"Windows could not finish configuring the system"…. Argh! *update*

So, yesterday I started deploying Windows 7 on my laptop. But just as I finished posting yesterday, I ran into some problems. Well, big problem actually. I made a capture of my laptop after a clean deployment. I added several programs dear to me, like iTunes, Firefox, some plugins and codecs. Because I was lazy, … Continue reading ""Windows could not finish configuring the system"…. Argh! *update*"

Installing Exchange 2010 Beta: Quick Preparation

Just a few quick tips for those who want a quick result when preparing and installing for Exchange 2010 Beta. The past few days I've installed this beta too many times not to be wondering how to speed things up. So I wound up with two batch files. No unattend file (yet?) though. I already … Continue reading "Installing Exchange 2010 Beta: Quick Preparation"

Windows Deployment Services: A Real Ghostbuster Part 1

I'm currently working on a relatively large project and it's one of the most complex migrations I have ever been part in. That is one of the reasons this blog has been a bit neglected. At the moment, most of my work on Active Directory and such only has to be fine tuned and that … Continue reading "Windows Deployment Services: A Real Ghostbuster Part 1"

Exchange 14: Expectations and wishes *update*

So at Tech-Ed 2008 EMEA IT Pro, I heard very little about the next version of my favorite groupware solution: Exchange 14. Also searching the net, didn't come up with a lot of results. But that is probably because there is still a non-disclosure agreement in place on those who already know more. Grrrrr. On … Continue reading "Exchange 14: Expectations and wishes *update*"