(RC1 with) Hyper-V Beta available for testing

Ben Armstrong, the Virtual Guy, just posted about the availability of a special version of Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 1 that contains an updated version of Hyper-V, which is now a Beta.  The best news is this version is available for public download! There's a small catch for testers though. It looks like the … Continue reading "(RC1 with) Hyper-V Beta available for testing"

Where to draw the line?

Despite what Susan Bradley thinks it's not just JoeWare that likes this "new no GUI, no IE, Command line only version of the Server Operating System in Windows Server 2008"… I too am growing very fond of Server Core. I love this little Operating System installation option and I am finding my way in it … Continue reading "Where to draw the line?"

Firewall management in Server Core, Part 2

A little while ago I showed how to manage the basic firewall in Windows Server 2008. Recently I found out the firewall team wants us to move to the Advanced Firewall commands, because netsh firewall can't: enable groups of rules; create rules for service; create rules that support multiple filtering criteria. Although netsh firewall will get … Continue reading "Firewall management in Server Core, Part 2"

How to determine your Windows Server 2008 version

Microsoft has recently decided to supply every Windows Server 2008 test version with the same major revision number. This number, also known as the Build number, is used often to distinguish test versions. When submitting a bug or asking a question in the TechNet forums you might even get asked for it. (or at least get … Continue reading "How to determine your Windows Server 2008 version"

Lifting the shroud off MinWin

Windows 7 isn't due for a very long time, but one of the most interesting things from the next version of Windows Operating System was publicly shown by Eric Traut on October 13th, 2007 at a presentation at the University of Illinois. (view links below) The feature I'm talking about is MinWin. It's basically a highly efficient Windows kernel … Continue reading "Lifting the shroud off MinWin"