Community Solutions at the KnowledgeBase

I really like the Community Solutions articles in the Microsoft KnowledgeBase, written by Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP's). They are insightful, at times slightly ironic and sarcastic and sometimes they make me laugh and almost wet my pants. You recognize these articles immediately when you look at the Knowledge Base article number: they all start with 555.


PrintMig 3.1 is the short name for the tool that is better known as Microsofts 'Windows Server 2003 Print Migrator 3.1'. You can use this tool to backup and restore print server settings and printer settings in migration scenarios. This allows you to migrate printers within minutes, while preserving settings, like seperator pages, spool folder, ports, … Continue reading "PrintMig"

Installing Server Core Domain Controllers

To server core or not to server core seems like a valid question. Especially when deciding to install Windows Server Codename "Longhorn" Domain Controllers. With the advent of Windows Server Codename "Longhorn" Beta 3 we can finally take a deep dive into installing Server Core Domain Controllers.