Active Directory in Hyper-V environments, Part 1

Virtualization offers huge benefits in flexibility, cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness. However, some design choices need to be made towards deploying Active Directory Domain Controllers in virtual environments. Some of these choices are general choices, but some of them apply to Hyper-V enabled environments specifically. When deploying an Active Directory environment, either for test or production purposes, … Continue reading "Active Directory in Hyper-V environments, Part 1"

Domain Controller Stickiness Prevention

Domain Controller Stickiness is a problem which prevents Active Directory clients to be connected to the best Domain Controller they can be. The root cause of this problem is once an Active Directory client found a Domain Controller (using DNS) it would store the name of that Domain Controller in its DC Locator cache and … Continue reading "Domain Controller Stickiness Prevention"

Unsolicited Remote Assistance

With the release of Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft introduced a feature called ‘Remote Assistance’. Microsoft described this feature as the means to invite a person on another Microsoft Windows XP box to your Microsoft Windows XP box. You could use MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger or e-mail to send the invites. Although this is a nice … Continue reading "Unsolicited Remote Assistance"

ADModify .net

After Carlos Magalhaes blogged about the way the DisplayName is automatically formatted in the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC Snap-in (dsa.msc or ADUC as Carlos refers to it) for new users I remembered the time a customer of mine wanted to have the Display names in de Global Address List (GAL) within Microsoft Exchange … Continue reading "ADModify .net"