Working with High Performance Computing resources (scale up vs. scale out in the Microsoft World)

This week I got the chance to work with some x86 High Performance Computing hardware at the Donald Smits Center for Information Technology (CIT) at the University of Groningen. Their hardware typically contains more than 64 logical processors and TBs of RAM. 10Gb/s interconnects and loads of Solid State Disks (SSDs) are also not very … Continue reading "Working with High Performance Computing resources (scale up vs. scale out in the Microsoft World)"

My interview with Paula Januszkiewicz (TechDays 2012)

I’m a Directory Services MVP. Have been for the last three years, too. This expertise is part of the Identity and Access area together with the ForeFront, ForeFront Identity Manager (FIM) and Enterprise Security MVPs. These latter guys and girl are really great. One of my favorite Enterprise Security MVPs is Paula Januszkiewicz. I’ve had … Continue reading "My interview with Paula Januszkiewicz (TechDays 2012)"

Windows Server “8” Beta available (build 8250)

Microsoft did not just release the Consumer Preview pre-release version of Windows 8 today, but also released the Windows Server “8” Beta. It is available as a 64-bit (x64) in both the *.iso and *.vhd format for anyone interested. (with an optional sign up for Windows 8 news)   Download Windows Server “8” Beta is … Continue reading "Windows Server “8” Beta available (build 8250)"

How To Install Windows Server 8 (build 8102)

Alongside the Windows 8 Developer Preview of the Windows client, Microsoft released the Windows Server bits of the same build as well. Where the Windows client is released to the general public and has probably seen over a million downloads this first day, the Windows Server bits can only be downloaded when you have a … Continue reading "How To Install Windows Server 8 (build 8102)"