Blocking iOS 7 in Exchange 2010 & 2013 (updated)

Now that iOS 7 available, it might be interesting to know how to block this version. In the past there were some issues with the Exchange ActiveSync implementation in specific iOS DeviceOS versions (read this and this). Please note that I did not encountered or heard of any ActiveSync issues with iOS 7, but it … Continue reading "Blocking iOS 7 in Exchange 2010 & 2013 (updated)"

Script converting Mail-User to Mailbox-User

Not all organizations need to have every user to be mailbox-enabled, sometimes a mail-user (also referred to as mail-enabled user) with a forwarding SMTP address to an external mailbox is enough. However, it is surely possible that the requirements over time change and the mail-enabled user does need to be mailbox-enabled, making use of the … Continue reading "Script converting Mail-User to Mailbox-User"

The UC Architects episode 14 is now available!

Episode 14 is now available for download! It is hosted by Steve Goodman and co-hosts were John Cook, Serkan Varoglu, Johan Veldhuis and Stale Hansen. Christmas Exchange 2010 SP2 RU5 Version 2 Issues with the Windows Management Framework on Exchange 2010 and 2007 Lync Pilot Kit Lync Conference 2013 Tips for early adaptors on Lync … Continue reading "The UC Architects episode 14 is now available!"

Simplifying the OWA URL with Citrix Netscaler

Next to Content Switching (which I recently wrote a post about), Citrix Netscalers can also do URL Rewrites. This enables us to simplify the OWA URL. First, be sure the Rewriting option is enabled by going into System, then Settings and choose Configure Basic Settings. Check the tick box for Rewrite After this, first make … Continue reading "Simplifying the OWA URL with Citrix Netscaler"

Load balancing Exchange 2010 with Citrix Netscaler using Content Switching

Next to F5, KEMP technologies and a lot of other network load balancing vendors there’s also Citrix with it’s Netscaler brand. Especially when an environment also has Citrix servers, it could mean that well scaled Netscaler devices are present and can also be used for other purposes next to Citrix Secure Gateway access. Obviously Exchange … Continue reading "Load balancing Exchange 2010 with Citrix Netscaler using Content Switching"

Managing mailbox storage with Exchange 2010, Part 3

In the previous part one and two of this series, I’ve discussed using PSTs, Exchange Personal (on-premises) and On-line Archiving as well as third party solutions. In this last post I will discuss the use of Retention Policies and Mailbox quota’s in order to manage storage usage. As a bonus I will shortly discuss improvements … Continue reading "Managing mailbox storage with Exchange 2010, Part 3"

Exchange and malware protection

This blog post is something I intended to write for a while now, because it is a question that i get asked a lot. On which Exchange server roles do you need to install the Exchange malware protection software, be it the now no longer for sale Forefront Protection for Exchange or similar products from … Continue reading "Exchange and malware protection"

Using the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer Tool

Recently Microsoft released an updated version of the Microsoft Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer rebranding it as the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer as it now also can test Lync connections, next to Exchange and Office365. Another addition is the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer Tool, a local variant of the online tool for Exchange connections. This is a … Continue reading "Using the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer Tool"

Managing mailbox storage use in Exchange 2010, Part 2

In the previous part (yes, I know. It’s from May… I’m very ashamed) I discussed using PSTs or the built-in Personal Archive (also referred to as Online Archive). In this post we will discuss third party archiving solutions and Exchange Online Archiving which in this case is service part of Office 365, although you can … Continue reading "Managing mailbox storage use in Exchange 2010, Part 2"

Update Rollup 3 for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2

Just today Microsoft released the third rollup for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2. See the announcement here. They specifically call out the following fixes. KB2689810 Meeting Requests bodies get rendered in plain text in Outlook when created via Exchange Web Services. KB2674445 Need the function to check ACL consistency during moving mailbox. KB2700705 RpcClientAccess … Continue reading "Update Rollup 3 for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2"