Pictures of our BYOD High School session

Earlier today, Raymond and I, presented a slightly modified version of our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Show to High School students at the Graafschap College in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. Since we had a blast presenting this topic to the fifty High School students present at the session, and got some great responses on the … Continue reading "Pictures of our BYOD High School session"

Raymond and I will be delivering our BYOD Show to High School students

Throughout the past six months, Raymond Comvalius and I have delivered a couple of editions of your Bring-Your-Own Show. We delivered it at my employer, at the Dutch Networking User Group, at Experts Live 2013 and at the 2014 Nordic Infrastructure Conference. Last week, I was approached by a High School teacher to come deliver … Continue reading "Raymond and I will be delivering our BYOD Show to High School students"

I’m hosting the Dutch CloudOS MVP Roadshow

Sometimes, when opportunity comes knocking, it’s best to open the door and embrace the person standing in front of you. That’s exactly what I did, when Christian van Woerkom, an Audience Manager from Microsoft Netherlands, called me and asked me if I wanted to organize a Dutch stop for the worldwide CloudOS MVP Roadshow.      … Continue reading "I’m hosting the Dutch CloudOS MVP Roadshow"

I will be speaking at the 2014 NL VMUG Event

There are many organizations with the ‘VMUG’ initials. I’ve presented sessions to the UK VMUG, which stands for Virtual Machine User Group. In the Netherlands, VMUG stands for VMware User Group. This organization hosts their annual meeting on March 6th, 2014 in Den Bosch and I will be there too, to present a session.      … Continue reading "I will be speaking at the 2014 NL VMUG Event"

Pictures of the 2014 Nordic Infrastructure Conference

As previously announced, Raymond and I delivered two sessions at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) in Oslo, Norway. We flew from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) to Oslo Gardermoen Lufthavn (OSL) and upon arrival of our 2-hour flight, we took the FlyToGet to get to Oslo’s SentralStasjion within half an hour. We arrived at our hotel, … Continue reading "Pictures of the 2014 Nordic Infrastructure Conference"

Pictures of ITPRO/DEV Connections Greece

Earlier this month, I visited Greece with my buddy Microspecialist to both speak at ITPRO/DEV Connections in Athens, Greece. We flew to Greece from Amsterdam on Friday afternoon on the 6th of December and returned on Sunday evening, December 8, 2013. We stayed two nights at the Holiday Inn in Spata and spend two full … Continue reading "Pictures of ITPRO/DEV Connections Greece"

Pictures of the NGN Tablet Day

Yesterday, the Dutch Networking User Group organized the Tablet Day at the Reehorst in Ede, the Netherlands. Dave and I presented a 45-minute session on device management through ActiveSync. The whole day was packed with sessions from many speakers and it was a great success with good drinks and a dinner afterwards. Some people took … Continue reading "Pictures of the NGN Tablet Day"

Behind the scenes of the ICT Expert Talks

At the Dutch Microsoft TechDays, my employer introduced ICT Expert Talks: a professional film booth, where we interviewed speakers, attendees and staff. You can find these interviews on YouTube in the ICT Expert Talks channel. In this blogpost, I’ll provide a peak behind the scenes of these interviews, the people involved, technology we used and … Continue reading "Behind the scenes of the ICT Expert Talks"