Pictures of CeBIT Hannover 2014

Last Wednesday and Thursday I visited CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, Germany with three of my esteemed colleagues: Adnan Hendricks, Michiel de Jongh and Bas Lips. We saw interesting new technology, met interesting people and concluded we, indeed, live in interesting times. Our day at CeBIT started around 5 AM at our Delft Office, where we … Continue reading "Pictures of CeBIT Hannover 2014"

When you lose a bet…

People who know me, know me as a guy who likes to motivate people with random bets. It’s not intrinsic motivation, but it’s the kind of motivation that gets things done. A few weeks ago, I made a bet with a couple of colleagues. These colleagues were competing in the Winter 2014 worldwide PowerShell Scripting … Continue reading "When you lose a bet…"

Pictures of the Microsoft Netherlands CloudOS MVP Roadshow

Last Friday, I co-organized the CloudOS MVP Roadshow with Microsoft Netherlands in ‘De Werf’ (nicknamed ‘the Auditorium’) at Microsoft Netherlands in Schiphol, The Netherlands. With our team of Microsoft employees and Microsoft MVPs we created a fantastic free all-day event for the 57 attendees. We started the event at 9:30 AM with a introductory speech … Continue reading "Pictures of the Microsoft Netherlands CloudOS MVP Roadshow"

I appeared in ITBende Podcast 249 last Friday

Being involved with Microsoft Netherlands the way I am, has its advantages. Like yesterday, when I appeared in Podcast 249 to talk about the Microsoft rumors of this last week, and, of course, to talk a little about the upcoming Dutch TechDays event. I have been a guest on this podcast two times earlier … Continue reading "I appeared in ITBende Podcast 249 last Friday"

Pictures of the 2014 Dutch VMUG Conference

Last Thursday, I was invited as a speaker at the 2012 Dutch VMware User Group Conference at Conference center 1931 in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, to present on virtualization-safe(r) Active Directory and Domain Controller Cloning in VMware environments. With over five hundred attendees, the organization had its hands full at the registration desk. Luckily, there … Continue reading "Pictures of the 2014 Dutch VMUG Conference"

I’m (re)visiting CeBIT Hannover this year

A couple of years back, I organized a couple of trips to the CeBIT fair in Hannover, Germany for my company. It was great to see all the new technologies on display and talk strategy with many of the industries biggest companies and countries. This year, to my great pleasure, I’m back at CeBIT Hannover. … Continue reading "I’m (re)visiting CeBIT Hannover this year"

Pictures of our BYOD High School session

Earlier today, Raymond and I, presented a slightly modified version of our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Show to High School students at the Graafschap College in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. Since we had a blast presenting this topic to the fifty High School students present at the session, and got some great responses on the … Continue reading "Pictures of our BYOD High School session"

Raymond and I will be delivering our BYOD Show to High School students

Throughout the past six months, Raymond Comvalius and I have delivered a couple of editions of your Bring-Your-Own Show. We delivered it at my employer, at the Dutch Networking User Group, at Experts Live 2013 and at the 2014 Nordic Infrastructure Conference. Last week, I was approached by a High School teacher to come deliver … Continue reading "Raymond and I will be delivering our BYOD Show to High School students"

I’m presenting at the 2014 Delftse Bedrijvendagen

Sometimes, when you work somewhere, you just want to let everyone know what a great place it is to work. I guess you know the feeling, or, alternatively, a company you might get that feeling at… Next week, I get a renewed opportunity to tell people how much fun it is to work at OGD … Continue reading "I’m presenting at the 2014 Delftse Bedrijvendagen"

I’m hosting the Dutch CloudOS MVP Roadshow

Sometimes, when opportunity comes knocking, it’s best to open the door and embrace the person standing in front of you. That’s exactly what I did, when Christian van Woerkom, an Audience Manager from Microsoft Netherlands, called me and asked me if I wanted to organize a Dutch stop for the worldwide CloudOS MVP Roadshow.      … Continue reading "I’m hosting the Dutch CloudOS MVP Roadshow"