Tips for Travelling to Tech Conferences, Part 9

In the previous parts of this series, I have shared my tips on travelling to tech conferences, including tips for booking flights and hotels, tips for coping with jetlag, how to convince your boss, and the top tech events to visit. Today, I’ll share my tips on the gear to pack, besides the Wi-Fi router … Continue reading "Tips for Travelling to Tech Conferences, Part 9"

Pictures of ITPRO/DEV Connections Greece

Earlier this month, I visited Greece with my buddy Microspecialist to both speak at ITPRO/DEV Connections in Athens, Greece. We flew to Greece from Amsterdam on Friday afternoon on the 6th of December and returned on Sunday evening, December 8, 2013. We stayed two nights at the Holiday Inn in Spata and spend two full … Continue reading "Pictures of ITPRO/DEV Connections Greece"

Pictures of the NGN Tablet Day

Yesterday, the Dutch Networking User Group organized the Tablet Day at the Reehorst in Ede, the Netherlands. Dave and I presented a 45-minute session on device management through ActiveSync. The whole day was packed with sessions from many speakers and it was a great success with good drinks and a dinner afterwards. Some people took … Continue reading "Pictures of the NGN Tablet Day"

Behind the scenes of the ICT Expert Talks

At the Dutch Microsoft TechDays, my employer introduced ICT Expert Talks: a professional film booth, where we interviewed speakers, attendees and staff. You can find these interviews on YouTube in the ICT Expert Talks channel. In this blogpost, I’ll provide a peak behind the scenes of these interviews, the people involved, technology we used and … Continue reading "Behind the scenes of the ICT Expert Talks"

2012: looking back

Now that 2012 is in it's final hours, I wanted to look back professionally but also personally. It's the human thing to do [:)] (Fellow UC Architects Michel de Rooij and Micheal van Hoorenbeeck also made a retrospective) What were the interesting technical events that happened in 2012?

I’ve technically reviewed O’Reilly’s ‘Windows 8 Hacks’

Although this blog typically contains Windows Server-related tips, tricks, howtos and reviews, I am also pretty known with the Windows client. After I technically reviewed ‘Windows 8: Out of the Box’, as published by O’Reilly Media, I was contacted about five months ago to be one of the two technical reviewers of ‘Windows 8 Hacks’, … Continue reading "I’ve technically reviewed O’Reilly’s ‘Windows 8 Hacks’"

Quickly exchange contact info via Windows Phone Vision Search

In case people didn’t know it yet: I’m a Windows Phone fan. I wasn't a pioneer and owner from the very start, but I did get the Lumia 800 a few weeks after it was released. And although it didn’t have all my crucial apps from the start, I was amazed by it’s built-in functionality. … Continue reading "Quickly exchange contact info via Windows Phone Vision Search"