I’ve technically reviewed O’Reilly’s ‘Windows 8 Hacks’

Although this blog typically contains Windows Server-related tips, tricks, howtos and reviews, I am also pretty known with the Windows client. After I technically reviewed ‘Windows 8: Out of the Box’, as published by O’Reilly Media, I was contacted about five months ago to be one of the two technical reviewers of ‘Windows 8 Hacks’, … Continue reading "I’ve technically reviewed O’Reilly’s ‘Windows 8 Hacks’"

Quickly exchange contact info via Windows Phone Vision Search

In case people didn’t know it yet: I’m a Windows Phone fan. I wasn't a pioneer and owner from the very start, but I did get the Lumia 800 a few weeks after it was released. And although it didn’t have all my crucial apps from the start, I was amazed by it’s built-in functionality. … Continue reading "Quickly exchange contact info via Windows Phone Vision Search"

My contributions to future and past events

Sometimes people ask me whether I’m busy and with what. Well, next to my “normal” job consulting, designing, implementing and troubleshooting Exchange, Office 365 and some other stuff. Next to attending events and such, I also contribute to them. The 31st of October there will be an Exchange day in the Netherlands, organized by the … Continue reading "My contributions to future and past events"

Exchange Server 2013 certification path visualized

A few days back my pal Cor Reinhard (like me a MEC 2012 veteran ) posted information on how to achieve the new Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Messaging certification and the issues that currently surround it. As I was planning my own certification path, I decided to visualize this as it can be confusing and … Continue reading "Exchange Server 2013 certification path visualized"

See the difference Office 365 can make

I’ve blogged about my own experience regarding Office 365 in the posts Migrating to Office 365 Part 1: Business Case and Migrating to Office 365 Part 2: Exchange Cutover migration tips. I did show a picture of my “server room”, but now I actually have dismantled the physical servers and the difference is best shown … Continue reading "See the difference Office 365 can make"

Some tips for TechEd Europe 2012 and Amsterdam

Edit 30/05/2010: Also check this follow up post More tips for TechEd Europe 2012 and Amsterdam We have just a few week until TechEd Europe. This will be my fourth TechEd (2008 Barcelona, 2010 Berlin, 2011 Atlanta). I know that for first (or second) time visitors it can be an overwhelming experience. So, to get the most … Continue reading "Some tips for TechEd Europe 2012 and Amsterdam"

Migrating to Office 365 Part 1: Business Case

This series of an yet unknown number of blog posts will depict my journey from on-premise services to cloud services. I will describe my situation, the choices I had to make and the issues I’ve encountered. It will be a learning experience I wouldn’t want you to miss out on. History I have had a personal Windows … Continue reading "Migrating to Office 365 Part 1: Business Case"

OWA 2010 and browsers tidbits

I love Outlook Web App. It’s rich functionality, management capabilities via ECP and especially the multiple browser support for the Premium experience. Yes, you do not need IE for (almost) full functionality anymore. Exchange 2007 OWA Premium still was only supported by IE and I ended up using IE just for OWA2007. In my opinion, … Continue reading "OWA 2010 and browsers tidbits"

Attending Tech-Ed 2010 in Berlin!

Tech-Ed 2010 is just a week and a half away. Everything is booked and payed for thanks to my employer OGD, sessions are scheduled, I received my ticket per email today, checked and rechecked my passport. etc. etc. Also I've already planned my sessions, mostly Exchange and some Lync sessions. Depending internet access and batterylife, … Continue reading "Attending Tech-Ed 2010 in Berlin!"