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Well three years ago in a little Virgin active gym in little old Brakenfell in Cape Town I met this black guy, his name is Musa but he is affectionately known as Impie. We decided to gym together as we have the same gym goals and where gyming at the same time of the evening.

Today at gym we are seen as some sort of political statement with people coming up to us and shaking hands saying “you guys are doing something really special you showing the other guys”, well I don’t see why a white guy and a black guy gyming together is special but I’m probably to young to fully understand out countries past.

Anyway I have very high expectations from Impie, he is a very bright guy sometimes to bright for his own good. I expect to see him blogging here, and soon having a site somewhere. He has a good understanding of programming logic and is an extremely hard worker. He will make a great addition to anyone’s work force. I’ll keep an eye on him. He is still studying and going into his last year at vasity and I really hope he enjoys this year as he has just worked for the last three years.

Even though Impie is the same age as me he has a few hard lessons still to learn.

  1. Woman ARE your friends, you ARE suppose to talk to them. You ARE supposed to have woman friends.
  2. You do NOT have to work 18 hours a day (leave that to the Microsoft employees). 5 hours of good work is better than 18 hours of crap work.
  3. Gym is NOT a method of socializing, friends are for socializing, gym is to keep a healthy body.
  4. You ARE suppose to go out at night and NOT just work all the time.

I think once he has learnt these lessons he is on the right path to one day do great things.

Unfortunately with my move as everything else I will be leaving him to gyming by himself but I will keep in contact with him via email, phone and all other methods.

You better not slack off now!