It has started

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So I officially don’t live in Cape Town anymore, I am now in Johannesburg the Erwee’s where kind enough to offer me a place to stay until I find my own, which I hope wont be long. Not because of the Erwee’s they are and have always been excellent hosts and friends to me. Simply cause as quickly as I can settle down the better for me.

I took a two day drive up to JHB its about 1600Km (1 600 kilometer = 994.193908 miles). Ilze and I decided to stay over at a place exactly half way between Cape Town and JHB, we didn’t know where until we where at the half way mark called Collesburg, she then found a place in the map book which looked pretty cool. The problem with a lot of places in the middle of South Africa is that they are little towns in the middle of the Karoo and arid stretch of land 🙂 so there are no street lights and the rest is all DARK. Anyway back to the story Ilze explained to me how to get to this place and as we took the final turn I felt bump, I looked closer and we where on a gravel road (this is with my new car 🙁 ) I wasn’t impressed this was for 10km every time we where heading directly into a Thunderstorm (in summer thunderstorms occur like clock work at 4pm until late at night EVERYDAY). Eventually after thinking we where in some scary movie driving in the jungle I saw a old barn house and this made me wonder if I was about to drive into a headless man on a horse.  After navigating around this barn, at night, on a gravel road and really scared as I had NO CLUE where I was we came up to the Greathead lodge. Two little children with white/blond hair appeared waring these wired dresses and from somewhere the host Rhys appeared. A very nice man about 35ish from New Zealand put his hand out and I shaked, I now had this feeling of reassurance that everything was ok.

As I walked into the house there where animal heads all over the place from buffalo to wolf etc Rhys was a hunter as the print on his shirt implied, but anyway I was tired and really just wanted to get to sleep. We went into the dining room for supper and he introduced us to his wife and kids what really nice down to earth people! They where warm the supper was excellent and the hospitality was AWESOME.

When I woke up the next day I was in paradise the farm was excellent beautiful the flora and forna (how do you actually spell that Spell Check didn’t pick it up) was out of this world pity I had to leave early I will def stay there again, those interested in the places name leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Anyway I am now in the hospitality of the great Erwee’s at the moment in JHB and I am trying to find a house as soon as possible so I can get that over and done with.

Its really going to be a massive experience for me and it has been so far, its forced me to really grow up in ways I could never have thought I needed it. Its good because I need this and it will only make me stronger.

I am worried about the traffic it’s a real big city traffic and people just drive they don’t really care. Anyway tomorrow (1st of December) is my first day and I must say I am nervous its going to be good I am sure but there is this weird feeling that I am feeling  that I cant explain, I hope it goes away soon!

You all have a wonderful day and speak soon