So where have I been

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I have been under snow with work. Ask any new Microsoft employee and they will tell you that the first few weeks is info overload and I totally agree. Usually you have orientation for the first few days and well to say the least I was thrown straight into a project. Truth to be told the customer is a really cool customer but it’s a big project and very complex.

My friends have been awesome and so has my “new” boss, she really rocks and allows me to learn even though she has coined my name as Brittney for some really dumb questions on my part.

My friends keep me busy at night and I have learnt about some interesting things that I never knew. I thought that as a MVP you where close to Microsoft but you actually only realize later that FTE’s (Full Time Employee’s) really have a lot to handle.

I will keep this blog up to date but for a few weeks my posts are going to scares. Once I settle in everything should start working again. Thank you all for being there for me when I needed you!