Migrate FRS to DFSR

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So I have been doing the TechDays 2006 DFSR and ADFS talks, and during my DFSR presentations when I tell the audience that there few tools to migrate FRS environments to DFSR I get a huge moan.

Now I was having a chat with Shobana Balakrishnan (she is the PM for DFSR ) today about this, and when I in Redmond last we spoke about a script that her team was busy building, this script would help migrate the FRS settings to a DFSR environment. There was a lot of information and she actually did a full web cast on this topic (which can be see at this location).

I have the script for those of you that want it, pop me a mail or leave a comment and I can send it to you offline.

This will help many of you doing designs and migrations from FRS to DFSR.

Have a good one