Windows GINA

Reading Time: 2 minutes

So as I was going along promising customers that the Password Portal would be released with MIIS SP2 I was caught like a fish out of water. The Password Portal was pulled from SP2 and the customer was not happy at all.

I had promised them a Password Portal so I had to deliver this now! So I went about learning how the GINA worked and came up with a solution. On the GINA I added a link "Forget" which when the user clicks fires a .net 2.0 application. This application is in a Wizard form. It will ask you a predefined amount of Administrative questions (setup by the administrator) and then a predefined amount of "user" questions which are created by the user.

If the user successfully answers every question they will have an opportunity to specify the new password and their password will be reset.

Below is a few screen shots of the Gina and the Wizard:



Wizard 1 – Welcome screen


Wizard 2 – Accept Company License


Wizard 3 – Administrator Questions


Wizard 4 – Personal Questions


Wizard 5 – Summary of your questions