The / Weblogs are the most active Active Directory-related blogging resource on the web, next to Microsofts own TechNet blogs.

As mentioned in the previous blogpost, the topics and areas of information you, as our respected readers, read is diverse and ranges from Windows Server-specific configurations to Exchange Server load-balancing. This is just the way we like it

However, keeping up to date with the information we share with you might not be as straightforward as we, as a team, can make it. Of course, you could subscribe to the main feed, but this would require a feed reader or Outlook and, in most cases, would tie the functionality to a specific device.

For your convenience, we have created a Twitter account for the / Weblogs that will tweet new blogposts for all team members automatically:

Additionally, we will use it for communication of maintenance and outages. You can direct questions to this Twitter account, too, as you please.

For more personalized contact, you can additionally follow and (direct) message the individual bloggers on the / Weblogs:


Thank you!