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Goodbye 2015!

As we say goodbye to 2015, it is our custom to share the wonderful things the team behind the / Weblogs have achieved.

As we changed our underlying platform in December 2014, this year was our first full year on the platform and its accompanying analytics features.


Pageviews and visits

Throughout 2015, the / Weblogs served almost 4 million pages. To be exact: we saw 3,988,675 pageviews.

Our webserver saw hours where it saw 360 visitors per hour. this means, on average, it served a new visitor every 10 seconds. Most of the time, the webserver would be busiest between 15:00 and 16:00 (GMT), making for an interesting mix between visitors from Europe ending their workdays and people in the US, beginning their workdays.


Devices and browsers

One of the more interesting discussions on websites and their visitors is the browsers used by their visitors and the optimizations made by webmasters to accommodate the mix of browsers used.

The / Weblogs are mostly visited by desktops. (86%):


While most of the pages are optimized to be viewed with mobile devices, only a small percentage of our readers accesses the information we provide on them.

With 86% of the devices used are desktops, no wonder then, that most of our visitors use Microsoft Windows (80%), followed by MacOS (4%):


When we look at the browser engines used, we see a similar, but not as clear divide. 36% of al visits are performed using the Trident agent, corresponding to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. 22% of all visits are Blink-based, whereas Gecko picks up 12%.


Due to the way we track our visitors, the statistics on operating systems, browsers and devices feature large amounts of Unknowns. We do not, and don’t want to use cookies to track the movements of our readers.

Thank you!

Author: Sander Berkouwer

Sander Berkouwer is the author of the Active Directory Administration Cookbook, speaker and blogger at and He is awarded Microsoft MVP, Veeam Vanguard and VMware vExpert. Since 2009, Microsoft has awarded Sander with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. Since 2016, Veeam has awarded Sander with the Veeam Vanguard award.

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