Previously, the / Weblogs were hosted on a webserver made available by OGD in its Delft-based datacenter. The server hosting WordPress was situated behind a firewall and backed up off-site on a daily basis.

This was a really luxurious situation to be in, and I even presented on the situation at TheDatacenterGroup’s partner event… and yet we decided to leave.

I’m proud to announce that the / Weblogs are now run on Microsoft Azure in its Western Europe datacenters, located in Amsterdam and Middenmeer, both cities in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, moving to Azure currently means we’re losing one of the services we used to offer for the / Weblogs: We do not offer IPv6, yet. However, we are looking into providing it again, after Microsoft announced support for IPv6 in Azure three weeks ago.

If you see anything else missing, please contact us by leaving a comment below.