Goodbye 2019!

As we say goodbye to yet another calendar year, we’re sharing our achievements for the past year.

Pageviews and visits

Throughout 2019, the DirTeam.com / ActiveDir.org Weblogs served seven million pages. To be exact: we saw 7,377,049 pageviews.

From a visitor point of view, this results in the following diagram:

Vists per week in 2019

New bloggers

In 2019, we welcomed Bastiaan Arkesteijn as a new blogger on the DirTeam.com / ActiveDir.org Weblogs. Bas has created several blogposts on his blog on Azure AD Identity Protection, Valimail and some of his Exchange migration tips and tricks. It works in his tenant. Make it work in yours, too!

Top blogs

Traditionally, at the end of the year we round up all the pageviews. This year the following pie chart emerges:

Top blogs in 2019

The above pie chart doesn’t include roughly 1.5M pageviews, that served the index page and the main feed for the DirTeam.com/ActiveDir.org Weblogs. These, of course, all pointed to the content in the blogs themselves, so they are irrelevant to the pie chart.

Top blogposts

The top 10 blogposts for 2019 paint an interesting picture:

  1. Using your browser to check Exchange 2013 protocol health (64186)
  2. Azure Active Directory Synchronization: Filtering, Part 1 (35622)
  3. Azure AD Connect: objectGUID vs. mS-DS-ConsistencyGuid, Part 1 (17383)
  4. Starting October 31st 2018 Office 365 will only allow TLS 1.2 (15945)
  5. Installing Azure AD Connect on Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 (13714)
  6. From the field: Colleagues in specific group encounter error “AADSTS50107 Requested federation realm object does not exist.” (13613)
  7. Fixing Office 365 DirSync account matching issues (13451)
  8. KnowledgeBase: You receive error 801c0003 when you try to Azure AD Join a device during the Out-of-the-Box Experience (OOBE) (12608)
  9. Office 365 users can’t see free/busy of on-premises users (11866)
  10. KnowledgeBase: The Windows Server 2019 Active Directory DFL and FFL do not exist (10930)


Last month, we migrated servers. We also re-architected the infrastructure for our solution in Microsoft Azure. This brought many advancements, including IPv6, HSTS and HTTP/2.


We’d like to thank you, our readers, for appreciating our content, for your visits, replies, helpful comments and your likes and retweets on Twitter. We wish you all the best and a good start into 2020.

Thank you,

DirTeam CTO