Tech-Ed: Review of Day 3

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The day started good with "UNC05-IS Q&A: Migrating Domino and Groupwise to Exchange 2007". I actually recently had to write a proposition for a Domino 5.0.5 migration to Exchange Server 2007 with Blackberry and with that in mind I attended this session.

This was a great interactive session, a lot of stuff that I didn't realise came up. I already knew that the Transporter Suite only migrates from Domino 5.x and cannot realize a long-term co-existence. What I forgot to take in account where for instance Recurring Appointments, or that Notes users potentially use Views instead of Folders to arrange their mail. And Outlook and Exchange hits a performance problem when having large amounts of items (5000 in rtm i think) in one folder….

"UNC02-PD Protecting Exchange Data with Data Protection Manager" was a great product demo and I see more and more of the potential of PDM. The implementation of the server and the agent are very simple. Restoring is also very simple and admin friendly. Yes, other backup solution providers can learn from this!

Partly because of the last session I decided to go to the instructor led session "UNC01-ILL (R) Data Protection Manager 2007 – Protecting Exchange Server". It was more a talk than really handson, but the product is really simple and a relief compared to other products.

Following I took the "UNC401 ESE Internals" session. Very technical and dry, but I expected it from this database technology. Unfortunately this was the last session of the day, this would have been better as a morning or lunch session.  I was beat!

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