Tech-Ed: Review of Day 4 (part1)

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Well, oversleeping is not a good thing. Also checking the starting time of a session is also a good thing to do… So, unfortunately I missed "UNC03-IS Q&A: Exchange Server 2007 Continuous Replication Deep Dive". Nice to know about log shipping, inspection and replay for high availability options. I already skipped "UNC306 High Availability in Exchange 2007 SP1, Part 1: Continuous Replication and Failover Clusters (CCR/SCC deep dive)" for other things, but now I regret that. So in a few moments I do want to go to "UNC307 High Availability in Exchange 2007 SP1, Part 2: Disaster Recovery and Site Resilience (SCR deep dive)".

Luckily I did the CCR Handson Lab, so I think I can manage this. Especially the SCR (Standby Continuous Replication) function of Exchange Server 2007 has my interest.

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