Exchange 14: Expectations and wishes *update*

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So at Tech-Ed 2008 EMEA IT Pro, I heard very little about the next version of my favorite groupware solution: Exchange 14.

Also searching the net, didn't come up with a lot of results. But that is probably because there is still a non-disclosure agreement in place on those who already know more. Grrrrr.

On the other side; it does mean I can speculate at will 🙂

*Update 1-dec-2008* Added new item, prefaced with NEW

What do I know (some of it heard on TechEd)?

  • Public Folders will return and will be supported for 10 years after the release of E14 (see Updated Exchange Public Folder Guidance);
  • The Unified Communications Role will contain 26 spoken languages (I believe it is 15 at the moment) and will voice recognize 25 (this was one!);
  • The migration path to E14 was very complicated at first, but after consultations was optimized;
  • NEW: The use of more variables for Hub Transport Rules (Just remembered hearing this one on TechEd. I'm hoping for more user specific variables);

What do I think will be implemented?

  • Almost 100% functionality in non-IE browsers (look at OCS);
  • Merging of storage group and database (I do not even implement more than one DB per storage group);
  • Online Mailbox moves without disabling access for the user at the start of moving items (pleasant for users with very large mailboxes);
  • Runs only on Windows Server 2008 (perhaps even R2?).

What am I hoping for?

  • Opening of specific folders of others users via OWA, without having full control;
  • User customizable group calendars in OWA (preferably the same as in Outlook);
  • Centralized configuration of Document folders in OWA (i.e. homefolder as a favorite);
  • Edge transporter support for Windows Core server (yeah, not really something the Exchange team can do something about);
  • Better Public Folder Management;

So what do you think that will be implemented or like to see? It will be fun to compare this to specifications officially released by Microsoft!

Disclaimer: these features are possible subject to change and I could misheard/misunderstood what I have heard or read. And for some legal matters: I did not see any builds of E14 in any way, nor did I signed a non disclosure agreement. With the exception of Public Folders, consider this speculation at best!

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