Exchange 2010 Code complete!!!

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Yesterday I was at the Technet Live event in The Hague (Netherlands).

I understand they wanted to make an announcement on the availability of Exchange 2010, but instead advised to keep monitoring the EHLO blog of the Microsoft Exchange team the following day. But on my travel home I already received a blog update:
Exchange 2010 is Code Complete and on its way to General Availability
There will be more information on TechEd Berlin, but unfortunatly I will not be attending. Luckily, video of the launch will be available via

So, until then I gonna delve into documentation and further testing of RC1!

PS. the documentation on Exchange 2010 is still subject to changes and there are some things that are not correct. For instance, it is mentioned that you will need a Exchange 2003 Front-end server when transition from an 2003 Exchange only organization to Exchange 2010. This is not correct (checked it at Technet Live).

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