Outlook 2010 Standard does not support Personal Archive

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This week a colleague of mine asked me whether Office 2010 Standard supports the Personal Archiving functionality of Exchange 2010. I assumed it did, but he provided me with some Microsoft information that stated otherwise. At minimum the Professional Edition is needed.

I couldn't find any other piece of collaborating evidence or just confusing information (looks like Marketing is confused between Personal Archive and Managed Folders), so I put it to the test. Downloaded Office 2010 Standard, installed Outlook 2010 Standard and entered key. And lo and behold, no Personal Archive….. Left picture shows Standard, right one shows Professional (Plus).

Outlook StandardOutlook Professional

The multiple mailbox in one profile functionality luckily is present though… (not shown)

Keep this in mind when you're upgrading your Office and Exchange environment and potentially want to use Personal Archive.

To check wich edition of Office 2010 you currently have, click in Outlook File>Help. Knowing this, I assume that the upcoming SP3 for Office/Outlook 2007, which will add Personal Archive functionality, also requires at least Professional Edition.

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