Can you easily restrict or accept messages to a Distribution Group?

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Today’s question of the day is whether you can restrict users mailing to a specific Distribution Group in Exchange?

Yes, you can. You can add users but also Distribution Groups to the list of who the Distribution List will accept messages from. The messages of members of the Distribution will then be accepted. A (mail enabled) Security Group is also possible and Query-based or Dynamic Distribution groups are also possible.


Within the Exchange Console, go to the properties of the Distribution Group you want to change. Go to the tab “Mail Flow Settings” and open the “Message Delivery Restrictions” option. A new window is opened in which you can specify users and/or Groups, with the required permissions. See above screenshot for an example.

In Exchange 2003 the principle is the same, but you need to use “Active Directory Users & Computers”.

Exchange 2010 also has the ability to manage Moderated Distribution Groups. See this link for more info on this subject.

A thank you for the question goes out to my co-worker Patrick van Stijn.

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