First day of TechEd North America 2011

As you may know, I’m at TechEd North America at the moment in a cloudy and surprisingly chilly Atlanta (GA). For a live feed, follow my twitter account @dmstork.

Georgia World Congress Center

I already arrived a few days early but wanted to use my time to check out the neighborhood and do some shopping, dining etc.. IMAG0341

Now that sunday and monday are over and my first session of tuesday is about to start, I wanted to share my findings.

The organization is great, easy registration, free drinks (Mountain Dew!!! I’m a fan but unfortunately it’s not that available in the Netherlands). WiFi is okay, there are some blackspots but not many. Opted not to go to the breakfast here, but the option is great.

Already had some meet and greets (lunch John Daly and Dennis Rietvink of Savision, and dinner with a colleague of @WorkingHardInIT), which are always fun. If you currently are present at TechEd and want something to do, I’m up for it! Send me a mail (link on this site) or send me a Twitter DM.

I had my first sessions on Monday, and the most interesting was EXL326 What's New in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2: Featuring GAL Segmentation (video at link!). New features are OWA Mini (OMA revisited), Cross Site Silent Redirection (automatically redirect user to correct CAS URL and  no need to click other link and re-authenticate), Hybrid Configuration Wizard (reduce steps from 49 to 6 steps for a on-premise/Office365 configuration) and Address Book Policies (GAL Segmentation done properly).

And I obviously had to visit the Exchange & Lync stgand.


So, good start and on to day2 sessions!

Tips: Watch TechEd Videos here.

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