Lync 2010 on Android! Screenshots!

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I’ve installed Lync 2010 for Android on my HTC Desire, which is upgraded to Android 2.3 via this update. Configured to use my Office 365 P1 subscription and made some screenshots!

Logon screen

Configuration is easy, just enter the correct credentials and voila! You will have to prepare on the Lync 2010 Server end, but this is already done for Office 365.

My InfoSet my statusOptionsAbout Lync

You can change your Status, the What’s happing ballon, see Options and the menu button shows the Sign Out button. In Options the only really interesting tick box is the Show photos option, which isn’t checked by default (if I remembered it correctly). Don’t know exactly what the Diagnostic logging options does. The About Lync option shows Help (which points to this website), version numbers and legal information.

ContactsSearch Contacts or Directory

Contacts show your contacts and their status (in this case offline) and you can search your contacts and the company directory.

Contact info

Selecting a contact gives you several options. Instant messaging, phone and email. You can see the personal information which is directly extracted from AD.  IM and email options are shown below, the Call/phone options take you directly to the Phone dialer of your phone (not shown). It does not dial immediately, which I prefer.

IM ConversationIM Conversation Menu options

IM conversations are quite nicely done. The notification window is used, smileys are replaced by nice icons etc.. The Menu button of the phone shows several options. You can directly call the person (again redirects to the dialer), invite others or mail the conversation. Very nice options!

In comparison the Windows Lync 2010 Client:

Lync 2010 Windows - The same conversation

Back to Lync for Android:

Previously held IM conversationsSelecting Emailing contact (or conversation) opens the Share options of Android

You can re-read, mail or delete conversations in the chat window. Mailing a contact or a conversation shows the Share window from Android with all installed mail applications.

So, this was a quick look into Lync 2010 for Android to be found here in the Android Market or search it with the term “Microsoft Lync”. Be sure to have Android 2.3 and read the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Guide if you have Lync 2010 server on-premises. There are some preparations to be made before you can use the mobile Lync clients.

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