TechEd Europe 2012: Tuesday's (day1) quick thoughts

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Just quick post to sum up day 1 (for me, don't mind the typing errors. I'm dead tired and typing via my iPad):

Keynote: nothing earthshattering as most was the same as TechEd North America.

WiFi: almost nonexistent until the end (almost a full conference day!). I know MSFT isn't directly responsible, but come on! 

Azure: That stuff is cooool! Definitely something to keep an eye on, IMHO

Exchange: no real new stuf, as expected. Although a quick mention of SP2RU3. Everything regarding Exchange 15/2013 during MEC in Orlando at the end of September.

Lync: Interesting as always, didn't have time to ask some questions (I didn't, not the speaker).

Directions: I'm getting lost all the time… Feels like previous TechEds did this somewhat better… Or the RAI convention center is a deliberate maze…

Airconditioning: Non existent? In some sessions this didn't help staying focused. This could become more of an issue on Thursday when warm weather is predicted… 

Foods & Drinks: Okay. I dearly miss the almost endless rows of Mountain Dew cans (as during TechEd NA 2011), but the basics are there. I do wish that they opted for bottled water instead of water coolers. I like to opensipcloseopensipcloseopensipclose during sessions. Carrying a cup around is just meh… Yeah, I could fill up a empty cola bottle but still… lazy…

SWAG: meh… Got an iPad Stylus, so that's okay.

The BAG: Seriously, no pen? And no commemorative T-Shirt?

WiFi: again WTH?


And my last point: 

Social networking and meet-and-greets: Priceless!  That is something that makes all other pains go away. All those short talks, handshakes, dinners/lunches and twitter discussions make this a very valuable conference. Even with all my criticism, that makes it all worth it!

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