TechEd Europe 2012: Wednesday (day 2) quick thoughts

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Same as yesterday's post, some quick thoughts:

 Skipped Keynote. I figured that I watch it via Channel9 and get some extra rest. Good decission. 

Wi-Fi: Had no real issues, sometimes darkspots or loss of connectivity during walking. In any cas not as disasterous as yesterday. Weeeh!

Again some great meet-and-greets and discussions. Looked like even more than yesterday! If that trend continues… 🙂

Airconditioning: the day started colder, but it seemed they turned up the airco. I felt a draft in my neck during one session, so that was less okay. But tommorow will be a hot day (I saw max 27 degrees celsius) and probably humid. I'm probably going in shorts… 

Exchange: as my twitter followers know, I did attend some Exchange sessions. Scott Schnoll is great as always, but do not underestimate Ben Appleby!

 Azure: Did I say this is something to keep an eye on? In any case, you should! John Craddock gave an excellent presentation in which I definitely can see the potential. Especially running VMs _and_ the ability to connect it with on-prem via VPN is very impressive. Check. It. Out. 

Twitter: Excellent tool to make connections with other IT Pros, start discussions etc.. And last I've seen I do really good in the #tee12 twitterarmy statistics 🙂

Delegate party: Awesome! Good food, drinks and ambiance. Music was sometimes A BIT LOUD WHICH MADE NETWORKING DIFICULT. But they fixed it a bit. Impressive view when thousands of ITpros cheer or whatever _simultaneously_ during the Euro2012 soccer game between Portugal and Spain. I think the tableseating put them in the oposite sides of the Amsterdam Arena Stadium. 🙂

Lunch: Good lunching with my coworkers also attending. OGD Krewe 😀


That's it for today!

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