Exchange Server 2013 certification path visualized

A few days back my pal Cor Reinhard (like me a MEC 2012 veteran Winking smile) posted information on how to achieve the new Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Messaging certification and the issues that currently surround it. As I was planning my own certification path, I decided to visualize this as it can be confusing and not always very clear which requirements are needed for a certain certification title.

I’ve decided to make this available for everyone interested in it. At the bottom of this post is a PNG export of an Visio drawing I made, but be sure to download the PDF as it contains clickable links to the corresponding exam or certification page from Microsoft. I suggest you also print it and strike the exames and requirements you’ve passed. That’s what I’m doing. [:)]

Download the PDF here (205KB). You may use and distribute this freely as long credit is given.

Good luck studying and taking exams!


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