Exchange Server 2013 certification path visualized

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A few days back my pal Cor Reinhard (like me a MEC 2012 veteran Winking smile) posted information on how to achieve the new Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Messaging certification and the issues that currently surround it. As I was planning my own certification path, I decided to visualize this as it can be confusing and not always very clear which requirements are needed for a certain certification title.

I’ve decided to make this available for everyone interested in it. At the bottom of this post is a PNG export of an Visio drawing I made, but be sure to download the PDF as it contains clickable links to the corresponding exam or certification page from Microsoft. I suggest you also print it and strike the exames and requirements you've passed. That's what I'm doing. [:)]

Download the PDF here (205KB). You may use and distribute this freely as long credit is given.

Good luck studying and taking exams!



  • Mohammed Elhassan

    Hi Dave,

    This is 2018 and I'm thinking to get a certification on EX2013. I'm no holder of any MS certs before. Just Sys Admin & network engineer, I was lucking to work on a huge EX2003 to EX2013 migration project which helped me a lot to understand how exchange works. So, I want to solidify my knowledge on it. How to get the certification? what is the path?

    • I would focus on getting the MCSE: Productivity certification, which can include Office 365 or Windows Server certificates with optional Skype, SharePoint or Exchange certifications. But to further your knowledge, I would also invest in a demo lab with virtual environments in which you can train yourself in certain configurations etc.. That approach has been extremely valuable to me, even more than just focusing on achieving certifications with exam prep books. Even trainer led courses (which can be very expensive) can't deliver the sustained knowledge increase that a demo lab provides.


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