Next week I'll be at the Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014!!!

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The Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014 will start in a week! As with the previous version I’ll be there too! For those attending, this is my MEC2014 profile (login required).
I’ll arriving Saturday late evening and I’ll leave the next Saturday in the afternoon. Unfortunately no solo sessions, but I will certanly be there for The UC Architects Live session (code: ARC.IN.306 currently planned on wednesday afternoon)! Between the official event parties etc., ENow will also sponsor a The UC Architects party!!! Registration is required and can be done here:
To increase your chances to attend, listen to The UC Architects podcast episode 35 and check the promo code mentioned in it. You’ll certainly see me at this social event and a lot others.

For those who are interested, but do not attend; be sure to check my Twitter account @dmstork; as I will undoubtedly be tweeting a lot of information. Expect important, less well known, interesting and breaking shiny new facts! If you have a question, feel free to tweet me and I'll see if I can answer your question myself or ask the speaker. For those who don’t want a barrage of Exchange related tweets, it’s probably best to block/filter. Official event hashtags is #iammec, but expect a lot of #MSExchange as well. I’ll probably will blog about the event as well, but probably afterwards and not during. I hope to see you there!

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