I will be speaking at IT/Dev Connections 2018!

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Next week I will be speaking at the IT/Dev Connection conference in Dallas (TX) during 16-18th October 2018, which is particularly exciting for me as it is the first time I will present in the USA! The session title is “Securing, Protecting, and Managing the Flow of Corporate Communications”. The session abstract tells you a bit more:

Simple Mail Transport Protocol, or as it is better known, SMTP, should be simple. It says so in the name. However, the internet of today is not what is was when SMTP was designed. In this session, we will discuss best practices, security measures and other aspects that will enable you to master the control of mail. Topics will include transport encryption of SMTP; spam filtering concepts (recipient filtering, tar pitting, reverse DNS, etc.); anti-spoofing methods (SPF, DMARC, DKIM); encryption of messages (not transport); and DANE and SMTP STS.

If you haven’t booked yet, do it with my promo/discount code STORK which will save you quite a lot of money! And if you can’t make my session, I’ll be present during the whole conference. So drop me a message (contact info here) if you want to talk about this or adjacent topics!

Hopefully I will see you in Dallas!

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