I'm doing a Technet Live session

I'm proud to be selected as one of the Speaker Talents for the upcoming Technet Live event in Amsterdam next week! This means you can meet me live if you are one of the attendees for Technet Live.

My session will be one of five five-minute sessions. These five sessions are a contest. The winner of the contest wins a 'slot' in an upcoming Microsoft TechNet event in the Netherlands.

I'm very excited about this, because this will be the first time I'll be talking to a very large audience.


My session

My session will focus on Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 Server Core. It will only last five minutes, so don't expect any deep diving like my recent post on Server Core Domain Controllers. The session will mainly be on what Server Core is and what you can do with it.

What server core is

The first thing I will be making clear is what Server Core is. It's an installation method for installing Windows Server 2008. It's the lightweight little brother of Windows Server 2008's full install through a smaller footprint, smaller attack surface, and decreased amount of processes. The downside is 'Windows without Windows' (or at least without explorer!) and no Powershell or .Net Framework. (yet!)

What you can do with Server Core

The other part of my five minute session is what to do with Server Core. Since everyone will receive a complimentary copy of Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 I want people to look at it and try to install it as lean mean Server Core machines.

I'll make a case for IIS 7 non-asp.net web servers, virtualization and the numerous infrastructure roles available within Server Core. One of my examples will be a Server Core Read Only Domain Controller, encrypted with BitLocker for the typical Branch Office implementation.


DirTeam in action!

My session won't be the only DirTeam session on TechNet Live next Monday. Jorge de Almeida Pinto will also do a five-minute session. What this means is that we both will be having great fun (just like we did yesterday!) and will try to make our sessions as interesting as can be. There can be only one winner, so let's make sure it's a DirTeam winner, Jorge!

About Tony Krijnen and Daniël van Soest

Tony Krijnen and Daniël van Soest are Microsoft Netherlands' two IT Pro Evangelists. In my country they are the guys responsible for informing the Microsoft IT Pro community. Their strategy is to organize a couple of Microsoft Technet event series across our little country each year.

About Technet Live and the Amsterdam RAI

This year however they decided to organize a big event. This event is called Technet Live and is hosted on June 18th, 2007. The venue is the Amsterdam RAI. The RAI Exhibition and Congress Center consists of 11 exhibition halls with a total covered exhibition area of some 87,000 sq.m. plus 22 conference rooms, seven restaurants and an underground car park for over 3,000 cars.

2 Responses to I'm doing a Technet Live session


    Great news, Sander! Congratulations!

    The only downside is that it is only a five minute session, but I'm certain this will lead to more and longer presentations. A good thing, because I always like to see you do these kind of things, a lot of visible passion.

    See you on the 18th!


    Make sure to post results of this competition 🙂 Holding my thumbs for both DirTeam representatives there :). Unfortunately probably I won't be able to see this or TechEd 🙁

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