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Today I saw three Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Server Core articles published to the Microsoft KnowledgeBase in the Help and Support pages. They are basic "How to" articles on stuff I wanted to shed some light on here. Since Yuval Sinay and the Windows Server Core Team already did, I think these topics are well covered:

  • 555964 – How to enable Remote Desktop on Windows 2008 Server Core
  • 555965 – How to activate Windows Server 2008 Core
  • 555966 – How to enable Windows Remote Shell


The articles apply to Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition (32-bit, x86), but I guess this is just a temporary thing. Whilst you might expect Microsoft products that don't officially exist (yet) do not have a category inside the KnowledgeBase, this is actually wrong. KnowledgeBase articles on products that don't tend to play well with beta products are placed inside the category of those products, but there are a couple of Longhorn articles in Microsoft's KnowledgeBase. Perhaps Yuval Sinay's articles will trigger the arrival of a Windows Server 2008 category.

Community Solutions

Frequent readers of my blog might recall that KnowledgeBase articles starting with 555 are Community Solutions. They make for good reading most of the time!

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