Windows Server 2008 RC 1 ready

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Microsoft released Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 1 publicly today, along with Release Candidate 1 for Windows Vista Service Pack 1. This means the teams are definitely on schedule for a Q1 2008 release date for both products!



You may download one of the following versions of Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 1 from the following locations:

Subscribers to TechNet and MSDN can also download the bits from their subscription pages.


Product Key Usage

I feel like I'm repeating myself but this testversion of Windows Server 2008 accepts the product keys provided by Microsoft for earlier test versions of Windows Server 2008.

It's still possible to request a product key for Windows Server 2008 on the Windows Server 2008 Evaluation webpage if you haven't got one already. Of course you can install Windows Server 2008 without entering a product key, which will let you enjoy this test version for 30 days. (If you want to be able to use it untill June 30th, 2008 you'll need to enter a product key)



The buildnumber of this Windows Server 2008 is 6.0.6001.17051.071121-029 and was built on November 21, 2007. Based on the CSDVersion method to determine the version of Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 1 makes v.667


What's new

Three big differences exist between Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 and Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 1:

  • Hyper-V (namechange since Windows Server Virtualization and now available in all x86-64 editions of Windows Server 2008)
  • Group Policy Preferences
  • Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)

Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) also feature in Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista for the first time, which makes these two packages real administration presents.

The new Windows Genuine Advantage code is not part of these two Release Candidate 1 packages so if you're being bad you will still face Reduced Functionality.


Saint Nicholas' Eve

The reason why I see these two releases as presents is because December 5th in the Netherlands is a typical holiday in which a particular Saint (in Dutch called Sinterklaas, but the term Saint Nicholas of Myra might be more accurate) drops childrens' presents through their parents' chimneys. You're not far off thinking of me sitting happily besides my chimney enjoying my new toys!

The irony in this Release Candidate 1 story is Mariusz Mariusz Kędziora,the Microsoft employee first in referring to the release (albeit with an inaccurate CSDVersion) lives in Poland, where they also know of Saint Nicholas…

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