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I just realized I like Smart-X CoreConfigurator a lot.
This is not just due to the improving quality of the tool, but also the way Smart-X copes with feedback and is able to provide feedback on my feedback. (Not a lot of companies know how to do the latter.)

After testing previous versions of CoreConfigurator I emailed feedback to Smart-X. With every superseding version of Smart-X CoreConfigurator in the accompanying document I would read the bugs I had listed and see them resolved.

After working with version of Smart-X CoreConfigurator I noticed some minor glitches and annoyances in the tool. I won’t bother listing these here, since the team behind CoreConfigurator fixed all of them in the latest version (plus a couple of other fixes). You can see the list of fixes here.


Smart-X CoreConfigurator

Current version
Download size 2.36 MB
Supported Operating System Windows Server 2008 Server Core
Release date February 1, 2009
Download links (MSI file) (ISO file)





If you’re working with Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008 and are looking to use a graphical configuration tool I recommend taking a look at Smart-X CoreConfigurator. If you find any bugs or glitches I recommend sending these to Smart-X. The team behind CoreConfigurator really appreciates your feedback and will act upon it.

I’m not sure whether you’d receive a little token of appreciation from Smart-X for your feedback, but at least you’d be making tools like these better!

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