Server Core Remote Management Whitepaper

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whitepaperWhen the Server Core installation option of Windows Server was introduced in 2008, not a lot of people saw the greatness. A few tried it once, some tried it twice and others got hooked! Fellow administrators often complain that it’s so hard to administer the roles and features of it. Joachim Nässlander and myself, who both fall into the third category of people that got hooked are now proud to present:




pdf Server Core Remote Management


How to be effective in remotely managing Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008




This whitepaper contains everything you need to know to remotely manage your Core-box. No more fumbling around in that CMD-window if you don’t want to.


The whitepaper is available for download here.


Don’t forget to check out Joachims blog also, there’s a lot of interesting posts!

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