Tech∙Ed Europe 2009: We’re from Sweden! Where the bing are you from?

Swedish_flag_with_blue_sky Wednesdays mark the half of Tech∙Ed events. It’s the day where level 200 silently start dropping off the schedule to make room for level 400 sessions. It’s also the day where my body gradually comes to realize Tech∙Ed is in full swing and needs to switch to conference mode.


Tech∙Ed Technical, Day 3

After yesterdays clubbing experience, absorbing information during a 9 AM session would simply be impossible, so I didn’t try to unlock that achievement. I selected two sessions, one on the new File Classification Infrastructure and one on Multi-site Failover Clustering, but didn’t go to any of them.

I attended my afternoon sessions without problems though! I attended a level 300 session on BranchCache architecture, an interactive session on Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) and Andrew Masons session on Server Core in Windows Server 2008 R2. You can be sure I will be sharing the information from Andrew wherever possible.

Country Drinks

Country Drinks are community events, where Tech∙Ed attendees from a country meet up, exchange experiences and have a good time. At previous Tech∙Ed events, the Microsoft subsidiaries created budget for their respective Country drinks. This year however, because of the Economic turbulent times, the subsidiaries didn’t have the opportunity to create budget. Some of them partnered up with local Microsoft Partners to organize the drinks. Tech∙Ed wouldn’t be Tech∙Ed without them!

specops While the cause of the new approach to the Country Drinks may not be reason for a party, the new approach, in my opinion, does provide some great opportunities! I guess we became good friends with SpecOps, because we received an invitation to the Swedish Country Drinks; the Country Drinks they organized with the Swedish Microsoft subsidiary.

The location of this party was Club Solar. It took us forever to get there, but when we arrived at the 17th floor it was worth it every minute. The view on Berlin was simply spectacular!
solar berlin

When we left, I was glad I had a couple of drinks. The elevator, straight to the 17th floor was the type of elevator you find in new buildings: It was located on the outside of the building, made of glass mostly and providing a nice entertaining view when operating. Watch it here. Because of my fright of heights, this is not my type of elevator. When going up I held on to the metal parts of the elevator, but going down I was less afraid and was leaning against the door.

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