Four in a row

Four years ago, on June 26th 2006, I posted the first piece of writing to this blog space. Little did I know back then the adventure I was getting myself into…


Looking back, it’s not just the experience of writing stuff down for the whole world to see. It’s not just the half million pageviews on this blog.  It’s the feedback I get from readers like you, from organizations like Microsoft and (since two years) the feedback I get from fellow Microsoft MVPs.

At times, it felt hard to come up with something interesting to tell you all about. With a personal goal to write at least one blogpost per week (on average) it’s sometimes hard.  Some periods I didn’t visit any customers and couldn’t write about these experiences.

Over the past four years, however, I came up with 243 posts (not including this one) which exceeds my goal.

In the past four years you have posted 133 comments. Other bloggers have posted  358 trackbacks. To me it’s an honor that so many of you made an effort (registering, then reloading the page and then commenting) to comment on a post. Also, the links from other blogs feel like a compliment. Not just casual bloggers tend to link back, but we’re also receiving backlinks from the ‘Ask the Directory Services team’ blog and ‘The Experts Community’…

Thank You!

2 Responses to Four in a row


    Good work … just keep it this way 😉


    Great job Sander!! The dirteam blog is one of the best places on the web for AD information.

    Thanks to you, Jorge, and everyone else that contributes!!

    …and good luck to the Netherlands in the World Cup. I assume we will see no blogs during their semifinal match 🙂



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