Videos of Active Directory-related sessions at Tech·Ed Europe 2010

Below you’ll find links to the videos of all Active Directory-related sessions of Tech·Ed Europe 2010:

These videos and related materials, like PowerPoint slides, are available free.

SIA321 Explore Secure Collaboration Using Identity Federation in Forefront UAG
Speaker(s): Michel Biton  

SIA320 Impact of Cloning and Virtualization on Active Directory Domain Services
Speaker(s): Dean Wells Tip!

SIA301 Attack & Defence: Authentication and Passwords!
Speaker(s): Marcus Murray

SIA303-LNC Common Identity Across On-premises, Private and Public Cloud
Speaker(s): Brjann Brekkan

WCL319 MDOP: Advanced Group Policy Management 4.0
Speaker(s): Brad McCabe, Ken Rosen

SIA304 Information Protection for Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 and Exchange Online using AD RMS
Speaker(s): Tejas Patel

OFS308 Deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with Claims Authentication
Speaker(s): Wouter van Vugt

SIA306 A Dozen Years AD – Discuss Previous and Future Design Decisions
Speaker(s): Ulf B. Simon-Weidner DS MVP Session! 

SIA305 Windows Identity Foundation and Windows Azure for Developers
Speaker(s): Vittorio Bertocci

WCL313 Troubleshooting Group Policy
Speaker(s): Jeremy Moskowitz

SIA312 All You Need to Know about Extending Active Directory rights Management Services (AD RMS) Protected Content to External Parties
Speaker(s): Tejas Patel

SIA402 Active Directory Federation Services – How do they really work
Speaker(s): John Craddock

SIA313 Cloud Security: The Practical Meaning of Security, Identity and Access Revealed!
Speaker(s): Brjann Brekkan, Paula Januszkiewicz, Tomasz Onyszko
Featuring a DirTeam blogger as speaker!

SIA318 Windows Identity Framework in the Real World
Speaker(s): Jesus Rodriguez

SIA401 All You Need to Know about Certificates from Templates to Revocation
Speaker(s): John Craddock

SIA403 How to (un)Destroy your Active Directory
Speaker(s): Ralf Wigand DS MVP Session!

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