Upcoming Speaking Engagements (March & April 2012)

This year is going to be an interesting year. Microsoft is readying it’s new client and server Operating Systems (OSs) with interesting features from my point of view and interests. Also, Apple recently released the ‘New iPad’.

Lots to talk about, so let’s see what I have to say and where I have a chance to say it.


NGN Apple iPad Day

De Reehorst, Ede, Netherlands

March 26, 2012
In Person event
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On March 26, 2012 I’ll be speaking, together with Dave Stork on the Apple iPad Day, organized by the Dutch Networking User Group (Netwerk Gebruikersgroep Nederland, NGN), with the help of Apple and sponsors like OGD.

During this day, several speakers will provide inspiration, information and guidance on the impact of Apples iPad on managing and integrating mobile and tablet devices and delivering applications to it.

Our session evolves around getting e-mail to iPad users and managing basic settings on iPads with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) policies. Since many organization already use Microsoft Exchange Server it’s safe to say the most cost-efficient way to manage iPads is with Microsoft software.

The event has already been confirmed by over 200 visitors, so this will be a fun event, just like the previous iPad day we organized in June 2011.



NGN Windows 8 Day

NBC, Nieuwegein, Netherlands

April 11, 2012
In Person event
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On Wednesday April 11, 2012 The Dutch Networking User Group (Netwerk Gebruikersgroep Nederland, NGN) and Dutch Linux and Unix User Group (NLUUG) organize a joint event on Operating Systems. In five tracks, new features for Linux, Solaris, BSD, AIX and Windows will be shown, alongside the way how these Operating Systems interact and work together. Two of these tracks are Windows 8 tracks and I’ll be delivering a 45-minute session on Windows Server “8” Active Directory.

My session will cover the Active Directory virtualization safeguards and Domain Controller Cloning features in the upcoming release of Windows Server. (known as Windows Server “8”). The basic premise of my session will show how the Active Directory team has transformed a weakness in Active Directory into a strength.

Other speakers in the two Windows tracks are Daniel van Soest and Tony Krijnen (keynote), Ruben Spruijt, Raymond Comvalius, Alex de Jong, Roel van Bueren, Jeff Wouters, Erwin Derksen, Bert Wolters and others.

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