I’ve technically reviewed O’Reilly’s ‘Windows 8 Hacks’

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Although this blog typically contains Windows
Server-related tips, tricks, howtos and reviews,
I am also pretty known with the Windows client.

After I technically reviewedWindows 8: Out of the Box’, as published by O’Reilly Media, I was contacted about five months ago to be one of the two technical reviewers of ‘Windows 8 Hacks’, a book written by Preston Gralla.

About the book

Win8HacksCoverWindows 8 Hacks is a 350-page book, chockfull with tricks to bend Windows 8 to your will. It features a complete chapter with tips on customizing the new User Interface (and disable the parts you don’t like), bring back familiar features like the Start menu, make the most out of SkyDrive and other cloud applications and take control of networking and peripherals. Many aspects of Windows 8 are covered in this book.

You can now pre-order it on the O’Reilly website and on Amazon. It will be available on December 19, 2012.

About the author

preston_grallaPreston Gralla is the author of ‘Windows Vista in a Nutshell, the ‘Windows Vista Pocket Reference, and is the editor of WindowsDevCenter.com. He is also the author of ‘Internet Annoyances’, ‘PC Pest Control’, ‘Windows XP Power Hound’, and ‘Windows XP Hacks, Second Edition’, and co-author of ‘Windows XP Cookbook’. He has written more than 30 other books.

Preston Gralla has written for major national newspapers and magazines, including PC Magazine, Computerworld, the Los Angeles Times, the Dallas Morning News (where he was the technology columnist), USA Today, and several others. A well-known technology expert, Preston has also appeared on many TV and radio programs and networks, including CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. In addition, he's won a number of awards for his writing, including Best Feature in a Computer Magazine from the Computer Press Association.