Behind the scenes of the ICT Expert Talks

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ictexperttalks-logo-160pxAt the Dutch Microsoft TechDays, my employer introduced ICT Expert Talks: a professional film booth, where we interviewed speakers, attendees and staff. You can find these interviews on YouTube in the ICT Expert Talks channel. In this blogpost, I’ll provide a peak behind the scenes of these interviews, the people involved, technology we used and fun we had.

Joeri Pruys

Creating thirty interviews in two days is no simple feat. Joeri Pruys is a marketeer at OGD and a professional film maker in his spare time. Watch his short films on the website of Roundhay Garden Scene to enjoy his skills and get excited about his full film Habitat. Joeri designed most of the booth and operated the cameras to make sure people were in the perfect picture all the time:

Joeri Pruys lurking in the shadows 

Joep van der Zijden & Raymond Comvalius

Joep van der Zijden is our copywriter at OGD and has lend his voice to the latest radio commercials our company did. My buddy Raymond was involved through the Dutch Networking User Group (NGN). Joep performed most of the one-minute interviews and our landmark interview with David Chappell. Raymond did all the longer and more technical interviews with the speakers.

Joep and Raymond were our interviewers and they both did a fantastic job!

Joep interviewing Tony Krijnen Raymond interviewing Bryon Surace

Martijn Vinke

Martijn Vinke is the brains behind the operation and also a marketeer at OGD. He came up with the concept for the ICT Expert Talks and made it all happen. As the proud content owner, we could no longer beat the smile off his face on Day 2…

Martijn explaining the tech to Hassan Fadili Martijn with a big smile on his face


From a technology point of view Ivo van der Pas Jr. (also a colleague at OGD) worked the videos, made the cuts and uploaded the files to YouTube. Of course, all the equipment was running Windows.

Raymond interviewing John Craddock Ivo editing the videos in real time and uploading them to YouTube Raymond ready for another go!

Ivo made sure our 1-minute videos were on YouTube five minutes after the interview. Barely sufficient time to drink a cup of coffee…


Some of the interviews we shot are breathtakingly professional and educational, like the interview we did with David Chappell:



However, don’t let the professional look and feel of the interviews confuse you. We had a lot of fun, making these interviews!

Myrthe (another colleague) enjoying the interviews Raymond and Bryon Surace right before the interview. The mood already set ;-)
Raymond laughing out loud while talking to Paula Januszkiewicz Strike a pose! (with Iris Classon)

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